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Yesterday I posted about Melania Trump and her diamonds.

My tone was a bit tongue in cheek to convey the message of “Hey, Trumps, consider that most people could not even begin to dream of advantages you have, and now you want to deprive the most vulnerable of basic needs like food, medical care, and a good education.”

Truth be told, I’m not against diamonds, but the last time I actually held one was many years ago when I proposed to my former wife. I may some day purchase a tiny diamond for my daughter, although I would more likely spend the money on something that will really help her in life like books or a travel abroad study tour.

To open up a bit more about diamonds, I have a confession to make: each night I spend about 30 minutes of pure pleasure scarfing down postings on the Glittering Royal Events Message Board.

The administrator of Glittering Royal Events has described it as a forum “where participants can share serious and informative discussions about royal and princely events in the past and present.” It was, coincidentally, launched on my birthday several years ago so to my mind, Glittering Royal Events and I were a match destined to happen.

I once shared my not-so-secret guilty pleasure with a group of serious runners with whom I trained almost every morning. Given that they were all women, I felt safe, something a gay man does not always feel when making such disclosures! We were at about mile five and my training partners stopped cold, eyes suddenly very wide open at 5 a.m. They then burst out laughing.

I laughed too. Royalty for me is nightly absurdity and escapism and once in a great while a decent history lesson before I fall into a glittering, blissful sleep usually around 8:30 at night.

I’ve even met royalty now and then when I lived in Europe and worked at an embassy. My ex-wife supposedly was descended from a baron which would have made her a baroness from her ancestral country which would have made me … have I put my readers to sleep yet?!

The fact is I’m very proud of and grateful for being a farmer’s grandson and only the second generation in my family for whom a college education was generally expected. I come from a tradition of smart, hard working people who did not have too many luxuries in life. We consider ourselves more fortunate to have each other than an overabundance of material possessions.

But it is fine and fun, before I fall into the la la land of sleep, to see a lot of sparkle on queens, princesses, duchesses, a countess or baroness or two, even a prince now and then, although I’m still waiting for a royal man in my lifetime to come out of the closet. Fortunately, after kissing a few toads, I finally found my own prince. Our daughter has quickly become the queen of our home!