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I like anniversaries. Milestone numbers. They’re fun, right? Who doesn’t usually like them? With my German heritage and having lived in Europe for a while, I even began to embrace the anniversaries of when people died. Go figure!

Hawaii for 3 JahrenBut tomorrow is a special anniversary. I celebrate three years in Hawaii, the most beautiful place I have ever seen or known. It’s been quite a three years: my husband having a stroke out of the blue at age 42; my mother having a stroke shortly thereafter; my father fighting a heroic battle against cancer a few months later before he died; my mother-in-law following him soon thereafter; vicissitudes with a job I love and why I and my family moved to Hawaii; my own cancer scare; a phenomenal teacher and school for my extraordinary daughter; the shock of the new occupants of the White House; new friends and being embraced by communities that have given me all the faith I need to breathe; having a poem published in a national journal; my husband’s remarkable recovery; joining two Buddhist temples as a Quaker; and finally, the breathtaking everything about Hawaii that lifts me every minute. I still can’t believe I’m here!