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There are some historical figures with whom I’ve been fascinated for long stretches of my life. Many are tennis players, and I’ve had a lifelong crush on Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve!

But I also love history as in reading about how countries started and have changed, and influential leaders of those countries. Throw in royalty, artists, a bit of the unexpected, and I’m hooked!

Perhaps that is why it’s always been hard for me to resist reading about Anne Boleyn — in both English and German!

Today’s post is a prelude albeit not a conventional one.

Why? This weekend, when I was trying to meditate, I had a crazy thought: what if Facebook or texting had existed when Anne was locked up in the Tower of London? I doubt good old King Henry could have gotten away with removing her the way he did!

Then again, look at Donald Trump. Centuries later, the Donald has been pretty ruthless, and his “lock her up” remarks about Hillary Clinton, and physical similarities between him and Henry VIII have made me shudder many an evening while watching the news.

But let’s go back to Anne. Just imagine how better her chances could have been if she had been able to hide a cell phone in one of her gowns as she was being taken to the Tower. She probably would have outlasted Henry!