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Dear Readers,

Ruckmann-by Kubota!When I set my goal last June of writing a post for my blog every day except on weekends and holidays, I wondered if I could live up to my pledge!

So far, so good, although this journey has been filled with unexpected twists and turns. While I’ve written a great deal about tennis and Trisomy 21, especially about being a parent of a gifted child born with an extra chromosome, I’ve also introduced an angel sub-theme, and posted about Anne Boleyn and Mary Tyler Moore, royalty, the presidential election, growing up gay, living in Hawaii, and marathon training!

An unanticipated joy has been a return to poetry. When I was a teenager, I usually wrote a poem every day. They won awards, and I met wonderful people in museums or writers’ conferences when my poems were read at events. They even helped me receive college scholarships!

So to embrace writing poetry again has felt as great as picking up a tennis racket after not playing for a few years, trading baseline shots with a good friend, and rediscovering how much I love hitting forehands!

Two other unforeseen aspects of writing this blog stand out: the timing and the emotions.

I wake up not knowing when I’m going to write my post. Once in a great while it happens in the wee morning hours. Occasionally, before I fall asleep. So far, I’ve never turned into a pumpkin! Usually, though, I write during my lunch hour, so my poems are very much directly from my gut even if some have been in my head for years.

I probably ought not to be surprised by the range of emotions I’ve experienced writing this blog, but I have been. A few posts, such as a recent one about Glittering Royal Events, have felt as light and easy as skipping along the ocean. Some poems, like For Ellen While Sleeping or Hawaii Mountains, I’ve almost written in a trance.

Then there have been times where I’ve dug a little deeper, like the poem I wrote about my dad’s leaving this world, Language of the House Sparrows, or about my being bullied in college and how lucky I was to survive: Words that Hit Hard.

I rely on my mother and my husband for their honesty about my writing. When I wrote my post yesterday, Ellen’s World, and invoked Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World, I felt drained afterward! This morning, in between helping Ellen get ready for school and brushing my teeth, I blurted out to my husband, “Hey, what did you think about the post I wrote yesterday?” He told me he hadn’t read it yet. Thud!

But I rebounded quickly. Ben truly has far more important priorities than reading my blog every day. He helps me keep my sense of humor about my goal for keeping it going for a year, and sometimes, when I least expect it, he will put his arm around me and tell me how impressed he was by what I’ve posted.

I’m a lucky guy to have him and to share this blog with my readers. Thank you for inspiring me to keep it going!