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May will be here soon. It is one of my favorite months for two major reasons: my daughter’s birthday and the French Open.

The two are related. When Ellen came into this world with an extra chromosome and I was trying to figure out as rapidly as I could what that meant for her and for me as a temporary single parent, the French Open saved us.

I imagine many stay-at-home parents feel a sense of isolation. As a new parent, in spite of all my life experience, I was in a whole new universe!

Unser Baby!!But alone with my gorgeous baby, I held her for hours, fed her, talked to her in German, read to her, and watched the French Open. We were inseparable. Looking back, as unprepared as I was, it was a time in my life for which I will forever be grateful.

I feel like my goal of writing this blog for a year is rounding a beautiful curve as the last two months, May and June, approach. I never want to rush any day or hour for that matter, except when I’m in an airplane, but I’m excited about the weeks ahead.

Even with Ellen’s extra chromosome, the world seemed full of possibilities for her, and as Ellen and I watched beautifully constructed points on the clay courts of Paris on my television screen nearly seven years ago, I was pretty much exhausted and elated at the same time!

The world now seems a lot more dangerous. Thanks to my husband, Ellen’s teachers, and the wonderful community we have found in Hawaii, I more than ever believe Ellen has great potential. I’m just praying the new occupant of the White House starts to think of all the children in this world his every waking moment rather than just what flashes in his mind for a few minutes.