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It isn’t the weekend, nor an official holiday, but it’s my own holiday!


For one of the few times since I moved to Hawaii more than three years ago, I’m taking a day off for me: no child staying home from school, no cable installation where I need to be present, no bad cold I’m getting over, no forms I have to fill out by the end of the week!

I’m heading into the homestretch of the last two months of the fiscal year at work with goals to meet, I’m wrapping up a German elective with six wonderful students, I have a few reports to write as treasurer for the Honolulu Quakers and Fulbright Association, but I’m going to relax about those — at least for today!

I may work out at the Y or not, I may catch up on my reading, I may, to my husband’s dismay, continue to declutter our home! (I’ve been cleaning for an hour and it feels great!) I will call a best friend with whom I haven’t spoken in a month. She is in a different time zone and that works out just fine!

It’s one of the few times in recent memory I feel this relaxed about not having a specific plan! I’m grateful to have this kind of day once in a while. I haven’t even changed out of my pajamas yet! I might leave them on and not shave!

Thank you, Dear Readers, for taking in the intensity of my posts for the last two days. On this Wednesday, though, my hope is that you will let yourself feel a lightness I am enjoying more than I expected! See you tomorrow.