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Ruckmann-by Kubota!Along with Maria Sharapova failing to receive a wild-card invitation to the French Open because her ranking still is not high enough after being banned from tournaments for doping, Roger Federer has disclosed he will also not be around for the tournament.

Roger’s disclosure is far less controversial than the news about Maria. Having won the French “only” once, his focus will be on preparing for the brief grass-court season and Wimbledon that follow Paris.

Another disclosure that made headlines recently makes one long for the innocent days of savoring the French Open instead of worrying about the safety of the world.

Donald Trump is quite a wild card and not in a fun way. Last week, he disclosed highly classified information about ISIS with top-ranked Russian diplomats at the same meeting from which American journalists were barred. The intelligence apparently came from Israel that had not given the United States permission to share it.

But Trump seems to have shrugged that off. After all, he made the decision to disclose the information “in the context” of his conversation. How spontaneous!


In the context of our family trying to get out the door this morning for school, I coaxed my daughter to let me watch a bit of the latest news. Donald Trump didn’t need a whole lot of coaxing when he was with the Russians last week. Evidently, he was enjoying showing off to them about how he — and now they — have all kinds of access to highly sensitive classified information!

When I worked in my 20s as an assistant for an attorney for a consulate and later as a speechwriter at an embassy, I kind of understood, without anyone spelling it out, that there were many things I should not disclose to anyone without permission. Maybe Donald Trump needs a little more coaching. Or maybe, like Maria Sharapova, he should just be banned for a while.