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Ruckmann-by Kubota!Dear Readers,

The beauty about a blog is that ideas swimming in your mind can become actual posts — and then they are no longer wandering around like aimless sleepwalkers!

While ironing, I thought about achievements in life that no one can ever take away. I love to iron, but that is not one of the achievements! I hope they are in the right order. I’m sure I will rethink them in the following days and I know some will change in the years ahead.

I am asking, Dear Readers, if you could share a few of yours with followers of this blog. After all, it is called Tennis, Trisomy 21 and Taking in Life Together.

  1. Becoming a father to my stunning girl
  2. Becoming a better parent
  3. Meeting my husband and being married for 15 years through thick and thin
  4. Staying close to my immediate and very extended family. My many cousins are like my siblings.
  5. Striving to be a decent friend with so much gratitude to my friends who have stayed with me
  6. Being open to faith and staying flexible with it
  7. Becoming an advocate for Civil Rights
  8. Writing and publishing poetry
  9. Finishing 18 marathons
  10. Keeping my promise to my grandfather that the German language would always be part of my life
  11. Bonus: Discovering tennis
  12. Bonus: Receiving a Fulbright. To this day, many years later, I still can’t believe it. Like tennis, it changed my life and I’m so lucky it happened when I was still young!