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Pumpkin bei Dole PlantationGiven the decision by Trump and his close advisors to ignore what is staring everyone in the face — our climate is changing so fast that Antarctica will soon be green and a major tourist destination — life makes sense to me at times like this when I stop trying too hard to make sense of it.

After a few conversations with close friends and my husband, I go back to what gives me hope: making time to be more active so the world will be a healthy place for my child and all children. I want them to look forward to viewing the world from an oversized pineapple or other vantage points and see trees — palm trees, maple trees, birch trees, any trees will do — clear, blue skies, and water they can drink safely and swim in.

One of my close friends told me after the presidential election that now more than ever people need to become more resilient to decisions imposed upon us by the new occupants of the White House. This resilience can take the form of art, poetry, other forms of writing, community activism, taking on leadership roles in faith groups — in general taking on a more active role rather than passively despair.

And still enjoy and appreciate life! And keep disappointment in perspective but taking delight in what we have: the joy and innocence of children and the possibility of making the future better for them.