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Ruckmann-by Kubota!Yesterday I wrote about my family being featured in a national promotion for diversity and inclusivity. Life is definitely a marathon, but it sure is nice when all the miles invested in training make the vicissitudes of the course a little easier to navigate. If my family’s story can help others along not only in preparing for the unexpected, but also in enjoying the highs and lows of any marathon, then I can pay forward all the times when a little encouragement has gone a long way for me.

I also wrote about tennis legend Margaret Court and her decades-long mission to deny gay men and women the right to marry and have children together. Margaret has ramped up her vitriol considerably during the French Open, currently in its second week. The woman whom Margaret has gone after directly for years, fellow West Australian Casey Dellacqua, has reached the semi-finals of the women’s doubles. Wouldn’t it make a great happy ending if Casey won the tournament with her playing partner Ashleigh Barty? It would be her first Grand Slam victory.

What about you, Dear Readers? Do you believe in happy endings? Would you like to share any on this blog?