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For the entire year I have written this blog, I have composed posts the day of, once in a while the night before. I believe that practice gives greater clarity and focus to the topics.

Ideas for the posts are another matter. Some I have had for years while others occur to me the day of writing.

Two possible topics were swirling around in my head for today’s post, but then I woke up to learn about events in the world that preempted those.

Words about the beginning of the grass-court tennis season or an inspirational book I was going to recommend can wait.

I will ask readers to join me in spending a few minutes to send supportive thoughts on the victims, and their families, of the apartment building fire in London and the shootings in Alexandria, Virginia, and San Francisco.

The headlines this morning reminded me again how precious life is and how it all can change in one moment. I take deep breaths as I hold those who were helpless and the heroes who did whatever they could to give them aid in the Light. All too often these tragedies happen where you least expect them: where you live or work, on a baseball field, at a school, a movie theatre, a restaurant.

I still believe collective hearts and minds will somehow prevail for a more peaceful world, but I’m a bit numb right now, and I’ve been awake for all of four hours.