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IowaMore than three years ago, my family and I moved to Hawaii. We’ve all found what we were looking for even if we didn’t know it at the time!

My husband: friends, a faith tradition, a devotion to exercise, the Hawaiian language and culture, a great job, and community.

My daughter: friends, first-rate teachers, Buddhism (although she is still a Quaker), community, and the Hawaiian language and culture.

Me: mountains! I grew up with them, I missed them, I’ve met mountains all over the world, and the most magical mountains I’ve ever seen are in Hawaii. Also a great job, community, amazing new friends I feel like I grew up with, a reconnection to writing poetry, starting this blog and keeping it going for a year.

I’m often asked if I ever have “Rock Fever,” a sense of being in the middle of a vast ocean and missing the Mainland. The honest answer: in more than three years, not even for one second!

I’m glad my family sat down together one cold morning years ago in Iowa, weighed pros and cons about moving to a place where we knew no one, hugged each other, and agreed to go for it!

In an ideal world, all our close friends and family would move here! Short of that, we still have pieces of our past with us. I’m cooking a German meal this morning for my daughter’s summer school class. Then I will go to my office where I have this beautiful painting of where we lived in Iowa in an intentional learning community and farm. My artist friend Matthew gave it to me on my last day on the Mainland, and I carried it with me on a train and a boat before I landed in Hawaii. I believe Matthew moved to Japan soon after! Come visit, Matthew. Hawaii is a perfect place to meet in the middle!