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Ruckmann-by Kubota!Dear Readers,

Guess what? It was my goal to write this blog for an entire year, every day except weekends and major holidays, and tomorrow, 30 June, is one year!

That’s 254 posts viewed 3071 times (which does not include me!) by 1442 visitors in 35 countries.

And here my original goal was to have a kind of journal I would share with family and a few close friends!

I also thought I would focus primarily on tennis and Trisomy 21.

This blog started out that way, but I soon found those themes opened pathways to others I wanted to explore, including Civil Rights, advocacy, angels, gratitude, my heritage, family, marriage, parenting, friendship, community, marathon training, faith, teaching, early education, poetry, Mary Tyler Moore, and growing up gay. I’ve striven to find the balance between raising awareness, being an advocate for change, and quietly trying to move the needle. I’ve shared a lot more than I ever expected to in one year. I’ve always hoped to be authentic, Dear Readers, but this blog is more about building connections and bridges with you than about me.

To my surprise, your response has been phenomenal. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Your invitation to read your beautiful writing or learn about your interests has broadened my way of looking at the world. It’s been fun and inspirational getting to know you. Because of you, I’ve become a better writer! You even helped me change the original title of this blog!

I’ve been a little sad this week with the year coming to an end with tomorrow’s Friday Picture Post. So I’ve decided to keep the blog going: not every day, but two days a week. Over the holiday weekend I will consult with my best advisor, my husband, about those days and let you know in Tennis, Trisomy 21 and Taking in Life Together – Year 2!

A thousand thanks to all of you!