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Ruckmann-by Kubota!Dear Readers,

I hope by the time I write my post next weekend (in year two of my blog I now just post on Wednesdays and a weekend day), I will still be flushed with endorphins from finishing my 19th marathon.

Let’s hope I crawl my way to the finish line!

Although I’m a Quaker, I work in a Buddhist environment, and usually a few times a week I hear a reminder or two about the undeniable and inescapable impermanence of human existence.

As truthful and profound as this teaching is, I usually wait to reflect on it after my young daughter has gone to bed and I pour myself a nice glass of Bordeaux!

I hope I haven’t rocked the boat too much with that last shocking sentence about a Quaker and marathoner having a glass of red wine now and then! As a vegetarian, I mostly have a Mediterranean approach to my diet that I try to bring to my general outlook on life: delicious, whole and wholesome, but not deprivational!

It’s still morning in Honolulu, and the two sports headlines that have stood out for me so far are Roger Federer winning his 19th Grand Slam championship a month shy of turning 36, and Julia Hawkins setting a record yesterday for the 100-meter dash at age 101.

I’m between Roger and Julia in decades (and at this point a lot closer to Roger), but they sure both have given me a lot of inspiration and reminders for my 19th marathon next Saturday: go for your goals even though there are no guarantees except impermanence — and for me the love of trying!