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Ruckmann-by Kubota!Dear Readers,

It’s one of those funny times of the year.

My daughter has not quite started second grade although she will in a few days (they start early in Hawaii) and she’s been attending summer enrichment programs (a fancy name for summer day camp!).

After approaching the end of my fiscal year at work and driving my family bonkers as I was seeking a strong finish, I have a rare week or so where I can regroup and gear up for the new year.

After preparing for my 19th marathon a few weeks ago and driving my family bonkers as I was seeking a strong finish, I have a rare month where I tell myself a couple times a day: Don’t Overdo It!!

It can happen easily. After an unexpected surge of energy and endorphins at both work and during the marathon, I felt great, extremely fit, and relieved. I had made new friends, wrote a poem (my last post before today for my blog), made inroads into the new fiscal year at my job, worked with my daughter on her penmanship and sentence structure, attended a concert with my family.

And now I need to allow myself to take a few extra hours off from work before I can’t with a busy autumn around the corner, enjoy the wonders of sleep, not overdo it with comforting pasta and comforting MSNBC.

And savor moderation!

It would be so easy to fall into the mindset of “Gee, I can have more pasta and sauce if I were to spend an extra hour on the treadmill!”


Instead, I can use that hour to seek out fresh vegetables and berries (I am a vegetarian after all) and save some freshness in my legs by paying attention to the twinges in my ankles and calves.

This is a time where if I maintained the pre-marathon pace, injuries instead of regeneration could set in. I’ll look for a pool, a nice yoga mat, a good walking trail, or a few more concerts with my family. I’ll strive not to overthink, but that could be harder than running a marathon!