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Ruckmann-by Kubota!After a pretty lousy night’s sleep, I climbed out of bed grateful for a new morning.

With a six-hour time difference from the Mainland, I usually watch news reports about the Continental United States that is well into its day.

Fortunately, this morning, my daughter insisted on watching her show while she did advance homework for second grade.

That gave me a little more time to brace myself for the latest headlines on my computer like Guam Threatened, or the more terrifying North Korea to Create ‘Enveloping Fire’ in Guam.

For me at least I’ve come to expect the completely unexpected from the chief occupant of the White House. Yesterday, I thinks it’s safe to say I was one of millions he scared the dickens out of, especially, and most immediately, women and men on Guam, with his threat that North Korea will be “met with fire and fury.”

Here’s an idea: why not have the Commander in Chief, who actually never served in the military, leave the comfort of his extended vacation at his golf resort and fly to Guam and other places in our neck of the Pacific to offer a few reassuring words?

The likelihood of that happening? I think it’s more possible that Billie Jean King, who is the same age as Donald Trump, will come out of retirement and win Wimbledon again.

So in this current twilight zone of looking ahead to the future and trying to greet it with hope rather than dread, what are a few of the little things that keep me grounded?

  1. Helping my daughter navigate her first days of second grade
  2. Talking with my husband but knowing well enough not to overtalk
  3. Having very concrete goals at my job and checking them off
  4. Keeping track of daily tennis results
  5. Taking walks
  6. Writing
  7. Responding whenever possible to anyone I see with kindness and gratitude

What is helping all of you, Dear Readers? Whether in Guam, Hawaii, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., or anywhere else, we are all in this together. Let’s reach out to each other.