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MarathonWell, friends, it’s Wednesday and on Sunday I’ll attempt to complete my 20th marathon.

Because I’ll be with my husband who is doing his first and will be walking a fair amount, I haven’t had quite the same muscle aches, strains, and cramps I have learned to embrace.

I also haven’t had the nice weight loss that usually comes with hard training, but that’s fine.

I am convincing myself that allergies and I are just having a bad date right now, nothing more serious than that. If so, I will smell of garlic soon which has helped overcome many a cold in rapid time.

Fortunately, I have very concrete goals at work to keep my mind free from wandering too far. Stay in the moment as many good friends have said.

I’ve never, ever been someone who wants time to rush by except when I’m in an airplane. I look forward, though, to posting again on Sunday with what I hope will be good news about finishing those 26.2 miles. Send good thoughts to all of us out there. We appreciate them!