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MarathonTag!The first week of January.

Resolutions have been made.

My husband, battling a bad cold, gave me three glorious days on the North Shore on Oahu, the most relaxed I’ve been since I moved to Hawaii almost four years ago.

So why did I want a soft landing this week?

Because for most of these four years I’ve readjusted expectations and hopes, letting many go but finding new goals and discovering beliefs I have wanted to sow.

I’ve also spent many, many hours in the office and other places to establish a solid work record with a new job in a completely new part of the world to my family, to find communities on an island where many people come from families related to each other or who have known each other for generations, to stay in shape, to be a better father and husband, to write better poems, to be an advocate for my daughter.

And after nearly four years in Hawaii, heading to the North Shore for the New Year’s long weekend, I was kaputt!

And thanks to my husband, I came back to the first week in January feeling better than I have since we made Hawaii our (permanent) home.

I couldn’t extend the stay on the North Shore, so I practiced gratitude and strove to be mindful of my resolutions for 2018.

And prayed for a soft landing to the return of deadlines, to familiar landmines that are part of one’s day, to needing to be out the door at prescribed hours seven days a week.

And treated myself to just a little Glühwein, part of my heritage and comfort during winter days — not the bitter cold days most folks are facing on the Mainland, but even for Hawaii days still a little darker and colder. Glühen in English means “glow.” As a Quaker, I try to hold my family, friends and myself in the Light. A little glow helps.

I wish all of you, Dear Readers, much Light, soft landings, and a little glow for the new year!