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MarathonWell, Dear Readers,

I guess my last post was a little intense, so let me aim for more lightness this time!

To stretch a theme a bit, I’ll just write that I’m lighter on my feet today!

As a vegetarian and a marathoner, I’ve had some excitement with proper nutrition and when I’ve had my blood drawn for yearly physicals.

I’ve learned to take the results that come back from the blood tests in stride (no pun intended!) and ask doctors questions when I need to.

Advice to readers: don’t be afraid to ask questions when it comes to your health. If a doctor makes you feel that you’ve offended him or her by asking too many questions, look for a new doctor. It’s better to ask than to websurf and possibly drive yourself or those near and dear to you crazy. Being frozen by fear is pretty pernicious for the mind and body.

If you reward your body, it will often reward you. I’m training for my 22nd marathon. Recently, my new doctor asked me why. I gave him the best answer I could: “I love training and being part of marathons.” I assured him my personal best days are several years behind me and that I’m not overtaxing my body. I have embraced being slow!

He asked good questions about maintaining good health, and I did additional reading and consulting with him on vegetarianism, distance running, making sure I get enough protein, vitamins and recovery after training as a middle-aged runner.

I’m excited to have increased my knowledge base in the last few months so that I can run and enjoy three marathons between now and January. As frugal as I am, I celebrated this past weekend by purchasing an expensive pair of running sneakers. I’ve worn them the past few days and feel like I’m walking on clouds!