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MarathonWhen the regular school year is over, many students and faculty disappear for family vacations or individual travel dreams. Some work summer jobs away from school, often outdoors, and return looking tan, fit, and refreshed. Still others appear for a few hours or so at school for summer sessions and then leave for the rest of the day.

I have always found that hanging around less a few times a year at work is better for everyone, especially in small learning communities where the intensity during the traditional academic year can be like training for a marathon week after week with the same people. All distance runners I’ve known take precautions for overtraining. Many are wise to savor the camaraderie of running together but also appreciate a few miles just on their own (while grateful for the distances they’ve reached with friends).

Which is my segue into my Father’s Day weekend post!

As many followers of this blog know, I’m an administrator (or facilitator of philanthropy as I like to be called!) at a small, wonderful school in Hawaii. I’m also a marathoner, a father of a young child and a poet.

We’ve now crossed the halfway mark in June. And I’m feeling it! The miles that I start to log in usually start the second or third week in July when I’m working to prepare for the new school year are really catching up with me now, some 11 months later. And I still need a strong finish for the two weeks left in the current fiscal year!

But I’ve been a facilitator of philanthropy in small learning communities for 22 years now. And I’m training for my 22nd marathon. In fact, in a few hours, I will start my long run of 20 miles before I start to taper down for my event in July.

So after this weekend I will be in taper mode — officially tapering off at work for a few weeks and running fewer miles to save my legs!

I’m not a great traveler, but fortunately I live in Hawaii in my family so I’m not yearning to find a dream destination. I’m already living in the most beautiful place on earth!

Instead, I’m celebrating after my training today with a new haircut, by savoring Father’s Day weekend with my husband and our daughter, and gradually becoming a bit more scarce at work for the rest of June and early July.

And not only saving my legs, but saving myself from burnout.

With or without a new haircut, I want for my sake and my colleagues’ sake to make myself a bit scarce during the one time of year when I can, to show my face a little less, to enjoy hours of Quaker silence before all the noise returns.

Why? So that I can stay in good shape for many, many more marathons — both the actual and metaphorical distances in life that I would miss terribly if they weren’t part of my life.