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Draussen vor der Tür!Aloha Readers of Tennis, Trisomy 21 and Taking in Life Together!

As some of you know, I am blessed to teach a poetry workshop (and an elective in German) at a high school in Hawaii where my full-time job is what I like to call a “facilitator of philanthropy.”

My poetry students last year were wonderful: fun, creative, diligent, motivated. I’ve been lucky again this new school year.

A few are new poets who will take a few steps into writing zones unknown in the next few weeks that I hope will become comfort zones.

My students recently asked how long it takes me to write a poem and how I go about it. I answered that the actual writing and rewriting often takes an hour, but that ideas can gather in my head for years. I also noted that I have revised even published poems, but for me, this is a rare occurrence. I sometimes struggle with finding the right words, but once I do, they usually are ones I can live with for a long time.

For my students and readers of this blog, I’ll show for this post the bare bones of how one of my poems begins. For my post next weekend, you will be able to read the finished piece!

Inspiration: Hurricane, issues in private life coming to a head. During the last few days, we held our breath as a Category 5 hurricane came close to Hawaii. Fortunately, we were spared the worst although other parts of this beautiful state were not so lucky. During this time, my husband, who is dealing with the tragic death of his best friend, our daughter and I stayed together.

Working title: Storm Passing

Number of stanzas: Unknown but it will be fun to see what happens!

Rhyme scheme: Like most of my poems, direct and indirect, pretty orderly but not overly precise.

Subtleties: I love symbolism because it ennobles even difficult issues in life. Rather than spill my guts, which I can save for a conversation with a patient friend, my husband, or a therapist, I strive for words and imagery to convey emotions in a disciplined, reasonable way which is why I love writing: it often brings out the best in me!

Stay tuned, dear readers!