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Dear Followers of Tennis, Trisomy 21 and Taking in Life Together,

As promised last week the poem in progress is now … a poem!

My writing method: The same for more than 40 years! I’ve stayed true to my style. Experience has changed how I make sense of life, but I’ve tried to keep my innocence and original voice in my poetry. It helps that I’m a Quaker!

The inspiration: A hurricane and private issues that had gathered speed. But my family survived both like we always seem to!

Working title: It stayed the same for the actual poem!

Rhyme scheme, length of poem: Orderly, but not overly structured. Lately, I’ve enjoyed making my poems shorter, but I give myself freedom to see where words take me. I do tend to like spare writing.

Time it took me to write the poem, having only written the working title the week before: One hour. That’s pretty much all I need for a first and even second draft.

Storm Passing

A hurricane that never came
still carried rough winds that shook our roof
at midnight while our daughter slept.
My husband and I, driven closer by the threat
that could have changed our lives again
even after we found our fifth home
in sixteen years together, eight with our child
who has kept insisting for more,
here on this island, the ocean preventing us
from easy escapes. We fixed the access door
to a crawl space blown open before more winds came
and we embraced, our daughter safe while we waited.
But after two days the storm passed, and we untied
everything outside we decided was better to keep
fastened in its settled and and reasonable place.

Written by Rüdiger Rückmann on 3 September 2018